The Boot Review was created from our love of boots.

BOOT REVIEWThe point of these reviews is to make it easier for you to find and buy some awesome boots quickly, and get on with your life.

The choices we’ve made here in some cases, took weeks or months of research , including interviews and data from the best editorial and user sources available.

 We study materials put forth by boot companies, read forums and user reviews on sites like Amazon and other places, as well as study all the best articles and papers we can on the topic.

 Most of the boots we chose to review are top-of-the-line quality models.   

In the end, if you are able to find and purchase a great quality boot that looks sexy, and is priced reasonably, then we have done our job. These are the same boots we’d recommend to friends and family, and these are the same boots we’d choose to wear ourselves.



Committed to your boot research,